Street Life: Our Reality

By Ricardo Taylor

For those of us who are invested in the life of the streets, there are never moments of mirage. Times when we thought/ believed those instances where we saw or imagined relief from our self-imposed plight in life. It is always the same, that reflexive appearance, like our reflex ion in a mirror.

Our reality, existing momentarily in hopes and dreams of a presupposition of what life is supposed to be, only having to return to the reality of our true existence!

How easy is it to see that relief from the immediate sufferings, which we often find ourselves with promises of tomorrow? “Well I know that Friday is payday, so I can spend what I have and then take care of my bills on Friday!” Only to find that when Friday comes my bills have doubled!

So, often we find that our intent is not so much a reflection of our ability or our being, but better stated a mirage of our desires. Our experiences tell us that the reality we perceive is unreal, yet we continue to commit ourselves to acts that we know are non-beneficial towards our welfare or well-being. A mirage!

Our image suffers the reflection of ourselves, and we hardly see ourselves in reflection and instead see ourselves in an arena of whom we’d want or try to be!

The self becomes lost in a sort of fantasy, losing the way we view the world, and of course our true self-image.

We often start to lose hope, that most fundamental grasp of sanity! We become that mirage of self, and we know from experience, that when hope dies, we prey instead of pray and our lives spin out of control!

That oh, so, miserable feeling of self-image becomes the mirage of our longings in such that we find ourselves in the mirage of whom we’d like to be; allowing our reality to become the stage of that thin line between reality and the wishes we have for our well-being. That no man’s world where only hopes and dreams exist: Our Reality.

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