A New Beginning

God is good, not some of the time but all the time 24/7

I believe that be the reason we live on earth and god lives in


Looking back on my life and the so many changes that i went


Learning from repeated mistakes good and bad until i

learned what to do

Realizing today knowing what to do and how to do it plus the

method to use

I see now that having knowledge doesn't determine the route

we choose

I know now that everyday above ground is a day to take heed

and learn

I know now that my choices will determine whether i live

with god or i burn

Today, knowing, understanding with the realization that

yesterday is pasted

Praying and hoping my words will linger in your memory

making a change to last

If you haven't paid attention to your life may you look back

and see

That a new beginning is what's up for the politicians and that

includes you and me

By Willa D. Jones

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