Do you know what you feel..

Do you hear yourself when the world is standing still?

Do you recognize the difference in the sounds that you hear ?

Do you believe that you can make a difference in this world today? Be for real!!

Do you recognize the world and hear the the world as it so slowly revolves around?

Do you understand that it is your life that you are hearing and only your life you've found!

Do you know your rights to live without disrespect being happy, and loving your life?

Do you know anything about your past, present not to mention being born in strife?

Realizing that we are born from one womb and destined to die in one tomb alone

With all this knowledge do we know right from wrong or how to be strong!

Now knowing everything a living our lives and forgetting where we derived from.

Now seeing deceit and can't do nothing about it, now don't we all feel dumb! Now i believe that there is a power greater than any man's understanding right here today!

Looking around today trying to distinguish what was and what i see now! Everyday i have to pray!!

Changes everywhere i look, from where to catch a bus to where do the hungry eat

Changes in every walk of life and that includes if you homeless now where do i sleep?

Now think are you happy, sad , disillusioned, misunderstood, confused or simply lost?

Now is the time to believe in that power greater than man. I know god and he is boss!!!

By Willa D. Jones

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