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With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spread, Streetvibes had to make the difficult decision to suspend our distributor program until further notice. This means your regular distributors will not be able to sell the paper, but we are working on subsidizing their financial loss.


One way that you can help our distributors during this difficult time is by donating and subscribing to the newspaper! When you subscribe you will be supporting our distributors. Normally, distributors would purchase the paper for 75 cents, which covers printing costs, and then would go out into the community and sell the paper for a 2 dollar donation. Subscribing to the paper means that you will be helping this system continue in an unconventional way. 

If you would like to provide additional help to The Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, please consider donating through the "donate" links located at the top and bottom of this website. All of the purchases and donations delivered through these PayPal buttons will go to the manufacturing of the paper and directly to distributors, not the Coalition itself. 



You also have the option to purchase a PDF of the paper for download. We ask that nothing but the front cover be shared on social media and ask you to please not distribute the PDF once downloaded. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Stay safe while staying connected.

Support Streetvibes by donating to the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition

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