The MSer

My reality

Depresses depression.

Between stages

And ages,

What enrages me

Is how my body


Please stand...

Watch how you land...

A side of me does not feel...

Knife thrusts are fake but the pain is real.

Walk this way...

Talk this way...

Slurred speech

Would impeach


However, the discovery

Of Neuro impulses

Misfiring causes

Those not afflicted

To believe that I am addicted

To some of that "Feel Good."

I am still learning

About my limitations

Through pain sensations.

I survived a 4 collusion

Yet my body is indecisive in the decision

Of how to live.

Weakened immune system

Strengthens my wisdom.

My impairments do not detour my drive.

I accomplished more with one eye than those who are alive

But not living.

Death is unforgiving

So I do what i must

To bring awareness as I discuss

My joys and my disqust...

One day at a time...

In brief moments I find


I wish I could hold on to the similarity

Of who I was before July 25th, 2001

But I blinked. My day is almost over before I begun

My daily rituals which are fear factor obstacles.

A simple task that seem impossible...

Today, I'm possible!

will change hour by hour

By Depthstroke the Cypher

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