Life on Life's Terms

I’ve been selling Streetvibes since May 7th, 2009,

the old

and new school Streetvibes.

But the new people got to know how to sell papers,

Everyone has their “pitch,”

Mine starts with

“Good morning”

“Have a good afternoon”

“Have a good evening!”

In my position, you have to deal with the people.

You have to deal with attitudes and everything else.

I always sell papers at Reds Opening Day,

right on vine and Central Parkway by the Kroger building.

In dealing with the people coming down from the suburbs or different neighborhoods for Reds’ Opening Day,

I have to deal with people who are dumbfounded when they see me.

They look at me like a nobody.

I get motivated.

I don’t mess with Duracell but I mess with Everready batteries all day every day.

The bunny is back.

I’m from up north, from Detroit.

I been down here since July 2002.

I came down here the year after the riot.

My mother said we all the same color but when I came down here I had to deal with a bunch of racist motherfuckers.

I don’t mess with the KKK, I will bring the Black Panthers in here and we’ll occupy Cincinnati.

I’m trying to bring the Homeless Congress back and I need some sponsors.

By James Brown

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