Can You

Can You shut em down? Does the world believe that this is the worlds solution

Can you shut em down? Keeping factory’s open with no work, now that’s pollution

Can you shut em down? The free clinics, people homeless, no more Drop Inn Center

Can you shut em down? Washington Park, the sanitation workers, I can’t help but litter

Can you shut em down? Over the rhine was white then it was black, I thought we were all together

Can you shut em down? I’m confused so tell congress I really thought they knew better

Can you believe in your heart that the decisions of our country are either republican or democratic?

Can you believe that out of all the people in the world two simple parties be worthy of so much static?

Can you close your eyes to the reality of the fear that has such a tight grip on our nation today?

Can you keep living shut down and shut up? I’m baffled but not lost for words I can honestly say

For me, learning to live without doubt or fear in my life and keeping God so close to my heart

I have no doubt that without God’s blessings this world is doomed to fall completely apart

With much faith and without any regards for the republicans or democrats controlling my being

Without any doubt what so ever today I know that almighty God is the only real thing

So can you shut em down? Now slow down and take the time to think, what do you really understand?

You need to come back into the days of Adam and Eve and remember when only God ruled the land!

By Willa Denise Jones

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