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Shutdown Easy

By Robert Park

It’s really very simple. The Democrats announce that two can play this disgusting game (shutting down our government that we pay for and that should be doing things we need, you know, like inspecting food supplies, protecting and fixing the environment, enforcing labor laws and protections, prosecuting discrimination, collecting taxes owed by the super-rich, making climate-change resilient infrastructure…).

The Democrats (not known for backbone) would explain: we will not vote for any Budget that does not establish Medicare-for-All immediately. Period. And then they go home and wait. Catch-up with the locals, read some good books, attend rallies and picket lines. With a clear commitment for universal, publicly funded health care (like almost all modern countries already have), the details could then be negotiated: phase-in Medicare coverage by lowering the entry age each year by 5 years. If its 65 now, a year from now it’s 60; 5 years from now it’s 40. Includes dental and vision. Funds transition programs that liberate nurses working for insurance companies and gets them back into a health care system that works well for the people. Instead of Nancy Pelosi smiling and promising bipartisanism, she needs to cut off the corporate sugar daddies and learn how to street fight for us. Do the right things and small donations will follow, in the millions.

Instead of projecting niceness, we need to hear from her and her colleagues sarcasm, ridicule and honesty. Tell the GOP to take his wall and shove it. It would help a lot if the Dems would explain the origins of the immigration crisis: the war on drugs and corporate super-exploitation in Central America by some of the Dems’ biggest contributors. These are not issues to smile about, they are life-and-death propositions that the American people are already on top of or ready to be.

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