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Produce Perks Midwest Increases Unlimited $1:$1 SNAP Match to Support Vulnerable Families During Cov

By Press Release

In response to the growing realities and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Produce Perks Midwest has increased its support for Ohio’s vulnerable populations. We are coordinating with local, state and national partners to help individuals access healthy food, and to support Ohio farmers, farmers’ markets and grocery- retailers.

In order to better support Ohio’s families and farmers, the Produce Perks program will provide an UNLIMITED match on SNAP purchases during the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that any amount spent with SNAP/EBT at participating markets will be matched dollar-for-dollar ($1:$1).

Produce Perks matching dollars can be spent on fruits and vegetables. This unlimited match is currently offered through April 30th, 2020, though it may be extended as needed. Updates will be posted on the Produce Perks Midwest website at

Produce Perks, Ohio’s Nutrition Incentive Program, provides SNAP consumers critical financial resources to purchase healthy, nutritious fruits & vegetables from Ohio farmers, farmers’ markets, and small-business retailers. Operational at over 125 locations across the state, Produce Perks generated $988,676 in healthy food sales by SNAP consumers in 2019. This program supports Ohio farmers and strengthens local economies – all while putting healthy food on the tables that need it most. The unlimited match is available at all participating Produce Perks locations, except for Dave’s Markets in Cleveland, OH, where it is not yet available. Find a location at https://

Tevis Foreman, Executive Director – Produce Perks Midwest: “We are determined to get ahead of the forthcoming challenges and provide practical, systems-level solutions that serve all Ohioans (families, farmers and retailers) – as an immediate response and in preparation for the months ahead. Additionally, I commend the leadership of Gov. DeWine and Dr. Acton, we as Ohioans are in a better position for their critical thinking and decisive action.”

Produce Perks is serving as a critical resource for Ohio’s rapidly growing vulnerable populations during these challenging and uncertain times.

Produce Perks Midwest will maintain a webpage with information about market changes and closures, as well as resources for customers, farmers’ market managers, and farmers at https://produceperks. org/covid-19-resources/. This information will also be shared via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Farmers’ markets and grocery stores are classified as essential businesses in Ohio’s Stay at Home Order, and will remain open unless otherwise noted. Many farmers’ markets are exploring online ordering options and implementing other best practices to ensure the highest levels of health and safety during this time. Customers should contact their local market to understand any changes to operations or hours before visiting.

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