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Hope On The Street

By LoA Beinit

A vision in red has come to Cincinnati and some on the streets who have seen this have become quite unsettled. A human dressed in crimson red from head to toe with a painted white face is walking through areas very slowly. Children run away in terror. Grown men move closer to their friends, actually pushing them closer to this foreboding beacon, trying to save themselves. The powerful and prayerful performance is a micro portion of a worldwide movement. This moving human being is a Red Rebel of the Extinction Rebellion.

What is the significance of the Red Rebel? The Red Rebel is the attraction to get people to think of the scariest thing facing society: our future. Stories of mammals, reptiles and birds all dying are only stories, for most people have long been divided away from nature in their everyday life. The seasons are failing but our thoughts are too quick to lose recognition of this as we move from one temperature controlled environment to another. Our planet is being plundered causing these extinction events, yet do we feel we have a choice outside of consumer purchasing?

The Red Rebel is the recognition that we are one blood no matter how hairy or scaly our skin condition. This revolution of unity is even for the trees for it has been proven their destruction is all based on profiteering by banks and corporations. Human life is destroyed as we are used as commodities to keep profitable the medical/ pharmaceutical

system. Our children are stolen as another commodity by the federal government. The Red Rebels are the collective pain and prayers of all beings. They are the embodiment of quiet, prayerful, flame of rage. How dare the false power and principle of money destroy what eons of time has made in diverse life forms.

The Extinction Rebellion is the grown up response to Greta Thunberg's action of bringing children around the world to use their Fridays to school their individual governments about the average humans desire for more say in creating a healthier, livable world. In the autumn of 2018 in the United Kingdom Extinction Rebellion began. This year it grows through over 600 cities. It is Occupy Wall Street armored up with love. We use non-violent disruption to stop the business as usual destruction of every creatures’ home. It was very amazing to see the swarming to close down streets for 5 minutes at a time to share with the drivers the impact of changing “business as usual”.

On September 25 2019, San Francisco participated in a major action essentially shutting down Wall Street West; 6 bank headquarters’, the consulates of Canada and Brazil along with the senator’s office. At 7: 30 in the morning twenty circular murals were laid out covering the road of two city blocks.

When I walked past a bank it was a uniformed officer telling the customer the bank was closed for the day, in recognition of the profiteering off environmental damages. I saw no police brutality, nor was it known that anyone was arrested, (as activists were prepared to be), but a community in celebration for a day of smog-less streets. There were indigenous prayers, music, dancing, clowning around and free food. This is something we could do here and now.

In fact, these streets flooding with humanity is already happening as seen through the BLINK activity where lights, parades and community shut down many streets. I even had a police officer say it would be a nicer way to be, walking within community at a pace where we could all promote peace.

Disruptive non-violence can be such a pleasant thing. Building community is natural choice, as seen in nature where a plant, a creature, and micro-beings fill the niches to create a symbiotic balanced unity. Sometimes there is an encroacher that needs to be set in a boundary as we see in the Extinction Rebellion revelry against destructive corporate greed. There is another boundary that is nigh to expand, the interest increase of 40 acres and a mule in this 400th year of slavery recognition.

The movement is tackling the business as usual by examining why our tax dollars are buying up land through the Port Authority keeping us complicit in our own gentrification when we ourselves should be custodians of our land. We ourselves have the rite to our food and animals; it is an abomination to deny it for the sake of someone’s profit. Our water and air, our education and employment and finances.

These are the gifts of our creator, not some corporate livelihood. This is our world, we have every rite to live the way we do without being cemented over for others progress because they wrote laws that consume the life out of us.

It will require an open mind to reexamine what we are doing and why. Plus, how do we want our actions to affect the myriads of creatures in the world around us? Are we capable of being worthy of royal life? Are there enough willing to live awake and live in a more community healing way? Will 3.5 percent of our population be willing to change their ways to counter the “enormous catastrophic breakdown"(- Rabbi Jeffrey Newman) of our earth unraveling? Are people working cooperatively?

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