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Alms Hill Residents Celebrate

By Daulton King

Residents of Alms Hill Apartments enjoyed a Halloween Celebration put on by the Alms Residents’ Association on Monday, October 29th. The Alms Hill Apartments contains 200 units of HUD subsidized apartments that have been at risk of closure multiple times in the last 5 years. Residents have worked hard and partnered with the Cincinnati Homeless Coalition and Legal Aid Society to combat slumlords and HUD to keep their homes open and affordable.

The Alms Halloween Celebration proved to be a timely event, not just because of the 31st around the corner, but because on Tuesday, October 30th new ownership took over the Alms. The new owners, Related Affordable, have promised to keep the building well-maintained and affordable while completing millions of dollars in renovations for the residents. Kimetta Ann Carter, Public Relations and Advocate for The Alms Residents’ Association expressed “We happily welcome Related Affordable.

We anticipate great results and appreciate them stepping up to the plate”. Residents have been long fighting for this sustainable solution to their housing insecurity. Stephanie Moes from Legal Aid society shared “The residents have fought hard to preserve and improve housing at the Alms and Avondale properties for the last three years.

With Related acquiring the properties, we hope that they will finally have an owner ready to join them in their efforts to make these properties premier affordable housing in our community.” The Alms Residents’ Association, Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati, and The Cincinnati Homeless Coalition are all optimistic regarding the future of the Alms.

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