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Getting Refocused On Voting Rights 101- An Upcoming Voting Rights Workshop

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

By Bill Woods

2016 is a critical year to know your voting rights. The opportunity to get the latest update concerning Hamilton County and Ohio will occur at the Peaslee Neighborhood Center on Tuesday September 20th. A Workshop featuring Camille Wimbish, Administrative Director of the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, and Catherine Turcer, Consultant to Common Cause/Ohio will address the current laws and potential problems voters could confront this fall. Everything from registration deadlines, voter-ID regulations, early and absentee voting, and possible hitches at the polls on Election Day will be reviewed. The Workshop will also examine efforts to expand and protect voting rights and reforms that need to be promoted after this election cycle. Attendees will learn how they can be involved in the weeks leading up to November 8th. Sponsored by Applied Information Resources, the Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center, Peaslee Neighborhood Center, the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition, and the Woman's City Club, the Workshop is part of a project focusing on campaign reform with support from the Murray and Agnes Seasongood Good Government Foundation. The event begins at noon on September 20th and will conclude at 1:30. For further information or to order a box lunch, call 513- 381-4994.

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